▶ Mark E. Hankin Helps Army Veteran with Discharge Upgrade &  Non-Profit Support.
Tom Woods, an Army veteran turned nonprofit founder of "Warrior on Track," exemplifies the positive cycle of receiving support and paying it forward within the veteran community. After grappling with PTSD and encountering hurdles in his military discharge process, Woods sought assistance from Veterans Legal Institute (VLI), motivated by a peer's recommendation. With the legal expertise of VLI and attorney Marc E. Hankin, Woods successfully launched Warriors on Track, a nonprofit designed to help veterans heal and reintegrate through a unique blend of therapeutic and recreational activities. This partnership underscores the critical role of legal aid in empowering veterans to contribute meaningfully to their communities and highlights the broader impact of pro bono legal work on veterans' lives
In this video, Michael Jones, VLI Staff Attorney, discusses how Attorneys should approach Bankruptcy cases when working with Veterans.