How Much Of My Contribution Will Go Directly To Veterans?

The legal services provided by VLI are not “in-kind.” We don’t buy blankets or provide food. Our dedicated staff and pro-bono attorneys, usually provide thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars in legal services to the “bottom of the barrel,” often combat veterans. The work we do may get them a roof over their head. Sometimes a returning warrior finds themselves in legal trouble due to poor choices. Many are young, alone and inexperienced in life outside the military. By representing them, we get them the second and, yes even third chance, they need to re-engage as productive community members. Without VLI, these needs would go un-answered creating joblessness and homelessness that is below the dignity due these brave men and women.

Donor Privacy Policy

Veterans Legal Institute (VLI) is grateful for its donors and is committed to their privacy.

All information concerning donors or prospective donors, including their names, addresses and telephone numbers, the amount of their gift, etc., shall be kept strictly confidential by VLI, its staff and volunteers, unless permission is obtained from donors to release such information. VLI honors donor’s requests to remain anonymous.

VLI will not sell, share or trade our donors' names or personal information with any other entity, nor send mailings to our donors on behalf of other organizations.

This policy applies to all information received by Veterans Legal Institute which may be received offline or online, through any Platform such as VLI’s website, or in any electronic, written, or oral communication. Donors may opt out of receiving communication from VLI at any time.

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